Saturday, March 18

Fr. Celio update

I went to noon Latin mass today. Fr. Celio is officially back to the chapel! His right arm is still very weak, and he will be needing assistance for quite some time. He said that his physical therapist said it would be about 2 months before his arm would be at 100%. But he is in MUCH better spirits and seemed very happy to see the "regulars" at Saturday Mass. It was so nice to see him in a pleasant mood. The last time I had seen him, it was right before his surgery, and he was almost in tears from the pain.

I also realized how much I missed Latin mass. I wish that they used more Latin in masses. Even just doing the Kyrie Eliason in Greek and the Agnus Dei in Latin is wonderful. I am looking forward to going to mass at the Cathedral tomorrow and hopefully hear that beautiful Kyrie Eliason they did last time I was at mass there. I'm also going to tell Fr. Ramone that I love it when he chants during the Mass. He's got a lovely voice, and it really brings a solemnity and a reverence to the service.

On another note: There's an issue that I wanted to discuss with a priest before I got baptized, because even though I can't go to confession, I felt the need to get spiritual council from a priest. We discussed the issue, and he gave me good council which eased my mind a ton. I seriously can't wait until I can go to confession and rid my mind and soul of this gunk a couple of times a month.


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