Friday, April 21

Gas Prices and Weather - because my blog is just that darn exciting today

Yesterday morning, I paid $3.09 per gallon for premium gas to fill up the tank of my Volkswagen New Beetle. Yesterday afternoon, on my way home from work, gas prices had risen to $3.15 per gallon at the same station. It cost me $40.61 to fill up my subcompact car with about 13 gallons of gas. Now that's just stupid.

On the up side, it rained and we desperately needed it. It's been so dry that there are no bluebonnets this year. And that just breaks the heart of every native Texan out there.


At 8:24 PM, Blogger for what it's worth said...

just so you know, we folks in the land of oil and gas...Northern Alberta, Canada pay $4.32 a gallon or 1.08 a litre. And we make the flipping stuff. All of our greedy Hummer 3 drivers are getting nervous. aw!


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