Wednesday, April 12

Please pray for these people

I have a sincere prayer request for the writers of the following e-mail. Steve, Cindy and their two sons have been in our RCIA class since the beginning. Steve and Steve Jr. have had serious health problems the past couple of months. This is an e-mail that I received. If you could say a prayer that this family's health stay well enough for all of them to come into the church during Easter Vigil, I would greatly appreciate it. I've been closer to the parents of this family than just about anyone else in my class. They are sincere and love Christ with all of their heart, and it will be an honor to come into the Church with them.

Please pray for us tomorrow. Steve (Dad) is going to have a cardiac cath in the morning at 8 am. He will be at Medical City. They have found he has a blockage of some type and they hope it is just one. If so he will just be there for one day and will hopefully come home Friday. We are praying for that as if it is more that one he will have to have open heart surgery. IF this happens he will probably not make the vigil.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger glorybe said...

They will be in my prayers


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