Sunday, May 14

The weekend thus far

My weekend thus far has been rather eventful. I went to Mass both Friday and Saturday at St. Jude Chapel with the new priest, Fr. John. He's Ok. He's no Fr. Celio, but then again I seriously doubt the chapel will ever get that lucky again. He said in the bulletin for the week that his goal is to build up the congregation and make the chapel a more comfortable and welcoming worship place.

But ... I still want to to go to St. Thomas Aquinas. I know it's a drive, and I know it's not my parish, but I really feel drawn to go there. So today I'm going to be at their 11a mass. I want to go to that mass because that's the mass where their main choir sings. I love music. I'd love to join a church choir in the Fall, whether it's at the Cathedral or STA.

I also went to a wedding yesterday at the Cathedral, a convalidation of a couple in my RCIA class that has been civilly married for quite some time. It was a very beautiful mass. It was the first Catholic weddding I have been to since becoming Catholic, and it was amusing to see the people who were obviously Catholic verses the people who were obviously not. At Catholic weddings, I used to be one of those people trying to figure out what was going on, and now I'm one of those people who actually knew what to say, and was able to go up and receive communion during the wedding mass. I found it quite a cool experience. The wedding was planned and executed just like a regular wedding, down to the 10 bridesmaid's dresses and all the matching suits of the groomsman. The reception was in the West End in downtown Dallas. We took the train down there, but it was such a beautiful night that we just walked home. We got to see the Cichlid tank at the Dallas World Aquarium and also some rather interesting graffiti. I love living downtown, have I mentioned that lately?


At 9:59 PM, Blogger Julie D. said...


We were there too! We always go to the 11:00 if possible because of the music.

If you plan a little further ahead next time I will have a red rose between my teeth after Mass for ID.

Ok, I won't ... but I would like to say hello in person. :-)

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Laura H. said...

I was just about to ask if you saw Julie D and fam! I go to 9 am because my dad and I sing in that choir (you know the one no one ever mentions *rolls eyes*) but if you do want to join a choir I highly suggest STA! Michael Lindner, the music director, is FANTASTIC and I know you would love him (everyone does).


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