Saturday, November 5

Saturday Mass - in Latin!

I decided to go to noon mass today at St. Jude Chapel in downtown Dallas. I like to get there a little early because that way I have my choice of where to sit.

I got a little scared when I walked in the door, because I saw a sign that said that the noon mass was going to be in Latin. I have enough time following what's going on without having English as the language. But I decided to go in anyway. There were about 10 people or so in there already, praying a Rosary. I sat quietly down and listened to the rosary being prayed. Once that was over, there was about 5 minutes of just total silence. It was very nice.

The service itself was not as confusing as I thought it would be. They had a little book that had the service in English and then in Latin right next to it, so I could follow along. The scripture readings and homily were in English. The priest talked about the scripture where you cannot serve God and Mammon (money). I really like his homilies. They're clear and consice and don't get too preachy. Then the rest of the mass was in Latin, but I just listened to what was going on and enjoyed the serenity.

There's a lady that has been there a couple of times who sits in the back corner, who looks like she may be a nun or a nun-in-training. I like sitting where I sit because I can hear her say the people's part of the mass very clearly, so it helps me know what's going on.


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