Sunday, April 2

Daylight Savings Time

So I'm posting my last blog post, then I go over to my LJ friends list, to see what's going on with them. I see from my Snopes RSS feed about classic Daylight Savings Time pranks. I look at my computer, and it says that it's 10:37 AM. I immediately get a jolt of adrenaline, and yell, "Dan, get up! I have to go to church! (he drives me - the parking garage scares me on Sundays) It's Daylight Savings Time! I have 23 minutes to get to Noon Mass!" When I get to the side of the bed, I notice his alarm clock says 9:37 AM. He says to me, "Honey, the computer automatically adjusts. It's only 10:37."

So that's my official Duh moment today. And don't forget to switch your clocks!


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