Sunday, March 26

Our New Friends

After church, I was waiting for Dan outside of the Cathedral for him to pick me up. He normally drives me to church because the parking garage seriously scares me on Sunday. Our friends Nancy and Greg walked by and told us they were going to the Nasher Sculpture Center (which is right down the street from the Cathedral) for lunch and would we like to join them? So we walked down to the Nasher and got to check out the beautiful sculptures and gardens. Greg and Nancy have memberships to the Nasher, so we were able to get in for free. We had a lovely lunch (it seems the kind of thing to say with the kind of lunch we had), and ended up talking with them for over two hours.

Nancy is a sponsor of one of the girls in our class, and she is just a wonderful woman. Her husband Greg is very nice, kind of quiet unless you get him talking about something he really has a passion for, like sports. Kind of like my Dan.

I'm glad that I'm making so many friends at church. And I'm doubly glad that Dan likes to hang with them, too.


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