Wednesday, March 22

Eucharistic Miracle in Dallas?

I found an interesting link on Moneybag's blog, "A Catholic Life." Here are some details from the Spirit Daily website with information about the reported eucharistic miracle:

    Notes another e-mailer, Lori Ehrman of Saint William the Confessor Parish, Greenville:

    "This afternoon, around 3 p.m., I received a phone call from a Missionary of Charity sister in Dallas. The sister told me that a Host was bleeding at Saint James the Apostle Catholic Church on Saner in Dallas. It was only tonight that I learned the full story.

    "About one month ago after receiving Holy Communion a young boy got sick and vomited in a trash receptacle. His father saw that a Host was visible in the trash can. The priest, Father Mario, was alerted. Father Mario removed the Host and brought the Host into the sacristy. Father Mario had the sacristan bring a glass with water over to him so that the Host could be placed in the water and dissolve before being placed down the sacrarium. Father Mario noticed that the Host was nearly intact with only a small Piece missing. Father Mario placed the glass with the Host and the water in a safe place. Father had forgotten until yesterday. He went to retrieve the glass and he found that the Host had not dissolved. It is complete and is bleeding. The Bishop's office in Dallas has been notified. Hundreds and hundreds of the faithful have come to see. Of course, only the Bishop can declare a miracle.

    "Tonight I went to Adore, my Lord and my God, in the Blessed Sacrament. I sang Tantum Ergo in my head and out loud recalling the Eucharistic Miracles in Lanciano and elsewhere. Perhaps Dallas is now part of the elsewheres. Today, Tuesday at 11:30 am, it was reported that the Diocese has taken the Eucharist for further investigation."

I'm not one to be jumping to any conclusions about miracles, especially in my own backyard. But I will stay tuned, as they say, and see what Bishop Grahmann has to say about the whole situation.


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Vajra said...

stuff like this is usually fake. like the virgin Mary on a tortilla.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Cynthia said...

You are right. Dallas recently had a Virgin Mary in a Tree sighting that was widely publicized.

I talked to a friend earlier today who had heard from someone in her daily mass that about this story. It seems to be getting through the Dallas Catholic crowd.

Also, if you look at the web page linked to this post, you will see that the newspaper who published it is like "Weekly World News - Catholic Edition."

So a healthy sense of skepticism is definitely in order.


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