Sunday, March 26

Lord Hear Our Prayer

  • For my friend L who is struggling with coming into the church.
  • For Fr. Celio from St. Jude Chapel, for continued support with his surgery healing process.
  • For all of the catechumens and candidates who are struggling greatly with this last part of Lent
  • For Steve and his family from my RCIA class, who has been suffering with seizures and poor health.
  • For Deacon Charlie from the Cathedral who is still recovering from a severe auto accident
  • For my friend L's parents, who are very anti-Catholic and giving L a very hard time for converting, for their hearts to be softened and for grace to enter their souls.
  • For my blog friend Navy Blue Elephant Trunks, and her baby "Azure", who was born 16 weeks early, for the baby's health and continued progress

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