Friday, March 24

Mystery of the Eucharist solved

From Texas Catholic:

Communion "host" in Dallas church grew fungi, bacteria naturally


DALLAS. A "host" kept in a jar of water for four weeks grew fungus and bacterial colonies in a natural process, a laboratory report concluded about an incident in a local parish church that created public speculation.

A March 23 letter from Dallas Bishop Charles Grahmann to the pastor of St. James Parish relayed that what some were calling a 'miracle' of a host "contains nothing of a supernatural nature."

The letter to Msgr. Mario Magbanua states: "At my request the object you submitted to me, around which there was heightened publicity, was presented to Dr. Marcy Brown Marsden, chairman and associate professor of biology, University of Dallas, and Dr. Frank Doe of the same department, for tentative identification and characterization of the object."

The bishop said that after analysis was done he was provided with their conclusion.

Full Text of the article


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