Sunday, April 23

Mass today

I decided to go to my home parish for Mass today instead of going to St. Jude. My husband drove me up there (I have GOT to get over my fear of parking garages!), and I was there plenty early. There was a TV camera outside filming people going in or something.

My sponsor was sitting in the front row where the catecumens usually sit, so I sat with her. I like being close to the front, and I particularly like being on the front row at the Cathedral - I can pray as long as I want without worrying about bumping my hands on the back of someone else's head.

Mass was good. They had a visiting priest, due to the leaving of Fr. Ramone I imagine. He was pretty good. He reminded me a little of Robert Carradine.

Have I mentioned lately how cool it is to be able to recieve under both species? It's pretty sweet.

At the end of the mass, where they read announcements, they read a letter from Fr. Ramone. It said that basically he was severely stressed out, and his health was suffering, which is why he is taking a break from things. It didn't say whether he would ever be a priest again, although there was a lady whispering that maybe he was going into a hosipital ministry and being a staff priest. So we'll see. No one said a word about the newspaper article in church.

There were quite a few people from my class at Mass, which made me happy. We all kind of sat in the front, where we usually have been sitting.


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