Thursday, May 25

Lord hear our prayer

Please keep the family of Steve and Cindy P. in your prayers. I've mentioned them before - they are the family whose father is having serious heart problems, and whose son was recently in the hospital due to seizures. The mother and father (Steve and Cindy) and their two sons were in my RCIA program, and we all were confirmed and/or baptized together at Easter Vigil.

Our RCIA class mailing list received this e-mail from Steve:

Keep praying for our 3 grandkids; The mom has run away with the children we have not heard any news of there where about or condition. There mom is Bi-Polar and Skisa franc? We are really concern for the children the police has put a ALL POINT Bullent to attempt to find them, Child protective services has been working along with the Police.

I e-mailed them yesterday to see if there was any progress, but the children have yet to be found. Please pray for a safe return of those children to their family.

Also please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Tom Reitmeyer, one of the bloggers from the St. Blog's Parish and the author of the blog "A Son Becomes A Father". Amy Welborn relayed news of his death in her blog and posted a link from News 8 Austin about the personal watercraft accident that took this priest's life.


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