Sunday, June 11

Go Mavs!

The Onion has a great article about the NBA finals featuring the Heat (boo) and the Dallas Mavericks (YAY!!!). The Mavs making it into the finals has actually got people in Dallas caring about sports other than the Cowboys again. Sort of. It's quite exciting, actually. My husband and I have seen most of the playoff games and have been Mavs fans for a few years, so we're pretty swept up in the whole hubbub. (And I secretly have a crush on Mark Cuban, but don't tell my husband.)

Mavericks To Incorporate Machetes Into Hack-A-Shaq Defense

My favorite line from the article:

Enthusiastic team owner Mark Cuban said that, when he was presented with the idea of purchasing machetes for his "boys," he was immediately behind it.

"I thought, 'Great! Avery is finally thinking outside the box!'" Cuban said. "And since then, machetes have been the only things on my mind. Thinking about machetes has taken up every second of every day. Machetes! Machetes, man."

Cuban then purchased a case of machetes, and had each one custom-made to fit his players' size and frame, and engraved them with his players' names, numbers, the Mavericks' logo, the 2006 NBA Finals logo, and the credo "Defense Wins Championships."

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At 8:39 PM, Blogger Laura H. said...

I'm watching the game now! GO MAVS!


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