Friday, June 9

I'm totally stealing Closed Cafeteria's schtick

This church makes me think that the architect looked in his son's toy box full of blocks and maybe a toy ship and said, "I think I could use that design for a house of God!"

Proposed Hal-Farrug church
Emily Barbaro-Sant, Mosta

What at first glance seemed to me a cruise liner (I am not being cynical but honest), was Richard England's design for a church for Hal Farrug (May 25), a tiny village with approximately 70 families.

I am in no way contesting the architectural abilities of Prof. England, but I sincerely hope that Mepa will consult the local ecclesiastical authorities before possibly giving its blessing, even though the design of this "Church of our time" won an international award.

Irrespective of Prof. England's explanation of the "Church of our time" (meaning turbulent times), of a "composite structure based on a geometry of rotations, inclinations, oscillations and fluctuations", this is not what matters most in a church. A window overlooking Filfla is not a requisite either. One goes to church to pray, to meditate and meet and adore God, the Creator of all good and beautiful things. Unnecessary artistic constructions will only boost distraction.

I tend to agree that the Church is passing through difficult times. It has always been like that. But we have God's words to Peter quoted in St Matthew's Gospel: "You are Peter and upon this rock I shall build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you." (16:18-19).

From the financial point of view, I wonder how the rector of the proposed church, if this design is finally approved, plans to overcome the heavy burden of paying for it. I feel it's already a lot for the 70 families or so to fork out the professional fees or commissions.

Very humbly I suggest that the church, designed and described as an anti-order of forms, with an inclining cross, inclining entrance tunnel and all, should remain on paper - a beautiful work of art given an international award - and a simpler, less complicated and less mysterious construction be built at Hal Farrug which will truly provide a place fit for worship.

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At 1:29 PM, Blogger Sister Mary Hasta said...

Ah, you've reached an important milestone in the world of Blogging-- where the Blogger looks around and says, "I can do this better than the people who are actually asked/hired/qualified/ordained to do it."

*blinks, looks innnocent* Me? I've never done that. Nope. Not at all.


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