Friday, May 26

For those looking for a blood pressure monitor

Normally I wouldn't be a shill for the Man, but I found a screaming deal last night at Radio Shack. Apparently, they've discontinued their LifeWiseâ„¢ Wrist-Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor. We were able to pick one up for $16.97 plus tax at the Radio Shack at Forest and Greenville Ave. in Dallas, but I'm sure that they're on sale at Radio Shacks throughout the country.

Normally a blood pressure cuff like this will run you at least $50. We know because my husband has high blood pressure and we've been looking for one for months. If you need to monitor your blood pressure, this is a good way to go.

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At 4:44 PM, Blogger Gunner said...

I found on my MIL's one that simply positioning your arm can change the numbers as much as 50 for the top and bottom.

I got the best results from hers by letting my arm hang loose by my side.


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