Tuesday, November 22

Daily Mass

I wish that it was fairly convenient to go to daily Mass. I wish that there was a place around here where I could pop out during my lunch hour. Or go after work, around 5p.

I really enjoy the mass, even when I can't participate fully because I am only a catechumenate. There is a noon mass at St. Jude's, but since I work in Grand Prairie, it's not feasable that I go to it. Maybe I'll do some research and see if there's a chapel in north Arlington. I know there's a convent in Grand Prairie pretty close to here, but they have morning Mass, and I'm pretty sure that's just for the nuns and not for the lay person to attend.

I'm looking forward to going to mass at St. Jude's on my vacation, because I can go every day, and meditate before and after Mass if I need to or want to. I can even say the Rosary if I want in the little chapel. I might actually do that.


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