Wednesday, February 15

Convalidation Saga - Part VII


I haven't heard back yet from my sponsors about when they want me to have my convalidation ceremony. I'm starting to sweat it a little because I'm supposed to RSVP by today if I'm going to have guests for the ceremony. DD has to get information to the caterer before she leaves for vacation tomorrow. (sigh)

On the up side, my husband got me a ring for Valentine's day. It's basically the ring above. It matches his wedding ring, and it's titanium (oooh aah). I'm saving it until the convalidation ceremony, so I can have it blessed by the priest before I wear it on a regular basis. The main reason I'm getting a new ring is because my old ring, which I love, is a pave domed-style ring. I was breaking out with contact dermatitis on my finger because water and soap would get trapped under the dome part of the ring, and my finger would get this red rash. Not only was it gross, but it itched like crazy. So I figured having a Comfort Fit band would feel better on my finger.

Plus it's neat to have a matching band with my husband, even if it is a "man's band". I wear two bands on my right hand, my "friendship band" that Michael and I exchanged for our 7 year friendship anniversary, and my father's wedding ring. So all of my rings are rather butch now. It's ok, though. They all have special meaning.


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