Monday, February 13

Convalidation Saga - Part VI

This is an e-mail I sent this morning to my RCIA teachers, Deacon L and MA

I apologize for not making it to Mass and Breaking of the Word yesterday. I was feeling quite icky, so I figured it would be best if I just stayed home and destressed a bit. I'm very tired today, but feeling better. I will definitely be there on Wednesday.

Thank you again for hosting such a wonderful retreat this past weekend. It was really special getting to do all those activities with my classmates and with you two.

Also, I had a question about my convalidation. It seems as if I have two options in which ceremony to attend. Option A is to get convalidated at the rescheduled Big Ceremony at the Cathedral with all of the other people from my convalidation prep class on Sunday, February 26th at 5p. The benefit is that it's all scheduled and all I'd have to do is show up. The only concern I have about this time is that I want to make sure that it's not too inconvenient for you two to attend since I would still like for you two to be my sponsors if it's possible.

Option B is to get convalidated at the small ceremony after Spanish mass on Friday, February 24th by Deacon L. It would be a small ceremony, which is good for me, but I'd have to get at least one more sponsor since Deacon L would be the officiator. I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem, though. Lucy and her husband, and Maria are planning on attending if possible, as are Steve and Cindy, and hopefully a couple of other friends.

I wouldn't mind to the Mass Ceremony on Sunday, February 26th because I would like to get convalidated with all of the people in my convalidation class. However, I do not have my heart set on it by any means. If it will be more convenient for the two of you to come to the ceremony already scheduled on Friday, I'll contact DD and tell her that I'll be convalidated at the Friday ceremony. It won't hurt my feelings a bit if this is going to work much better for the two of you.

Just let me know which one you two would prefer, and I'll contact my guests and make arrangements with DD either way. Thanks!


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