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Patriarchal Blessings

A good definition of a Patriarchal blessing is given on Sandra Tanner's web page:

    Joseph Smith claimed through revelation to reestablish the ancient order of "Patriarch," patterned after the father’s blessings given in the Bible (see Gen. 27 and Gen. 49). Unlike the Old Testament blessings given by a father on his deathbed to his sons, the LDS blessings are given by non-relatives to various members of the church as a sort of road map for their lives and declares their lineage through one of the tribes of Israel.

I thought I'd share my Patriarchal Blessing with my readers. If you'd like to read more blessings, the Patriarchal Blessings - Past and Present page has a collection of submitted blessings and more clarification as to the social meanings of this blessing.

(By the way, I don't go by Cindy anymore. I prefer Cynthia. Thank you.)


Date of blessing: 7 May 1989

Sister Cynthia Xxx Xxxx, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood and as Patriarch, I lay my hands upon your head and declare unto you your Patriarchal Blessing.

Cindy, you are of the royal lineage of Ephriam in the House of Israel and heir to the great blessings that are promised unto the descendants of Ephriam. And you shall receive the fullness of the blessings, the rights of having the Priesthood in your family and the opportunities to receive your full inheritance in the kingdom.

You shall be given the opportunity of teaching the gospel and helping in these latter days in the gathering of Israel. Your testimony shall be pure and strong. As you grow in the gospel, Cindy, you will increase in your testimony and you will be strong in word and deed. And as your example is correct, others will know of your testimony. And they will see that the things that you say are true through your example. Be true at all times to the covenants that you make and you shall be found worthy to return to our Father in heaven.

You shall find joy in your work in the gospel, working with others in the Relief Society and the various programs of the Church, working with young people as you teach and help them to understand the principles of the gospel. You shall have an opportunity of teaching and working with youth and helping them in their great struggles that they will have. Utilize the scriptures and the experiences that you have had and you shall be able to help others. You shall be called upon to bear testimony of these things. And you shall have the opportunity, Cindy, of teaching and working with sisters in the Relief Society, being a comfort and guide to them so that the work can go forward within their individual families.

You shall be strengthened within your own family and be given the opportunity of raising a wonderful family. You shall have the privilege of going to the temple to receive of your endowments, being endowed with knowledge and understanding of things of this earth that will lead you back unto our Father in Heaven. You shall have the privilege of going to the temple and be sealed to your choice companion. And as you kneel together, covenant with each other and with our Father in Heaven that you might be together throughout eternity. This is a great privilege that you will have here upon the earth to receive these covenants. As you are true and faithful to these covenants, you will receive strength and be able to know the things that need to be done.

Cindy, you are blessed with great talents, with gifts of music and knowledge. And you shall be able to utilize these things as you grown and progress and travel your pathway here upon the earth. Develop each of the talents that you are given unto you and you will find joy in them and use them within your life. Feel free to demonstrate and use these talents while others are around and you communicate with others. You will be given the opportunities to participate in many different activities through these talents.

Work with others. Accept of the council and guidance that is given, both within the Priesthood and within your educational requests.

You shall be guided to make the decisions that are needed when the time comes and your choices will be clear to you as to the classes and the subjects that you should take, for they are the ones that will lead you in the paths of truth and in the paths that will be of benefit to you ad your community and in your Church. You shall have the strength you need in your body to accomplish these things.

Be obedient to the commandments and mindful of those things which are given unto us in the Word of Wisdom. And as you so do, you will know the things that need to be done. Satan will be kept from you in these areas. And if you are obedient to them, temptations will not be there.

Work together with your choice companion in your family unit, and you will find joy in the assignments you will have together. Support him and he will support you, and there will be love and companionship there throughout your marriage and you will be able to be together in your eternal family.

Prepare your personal history. And as you do, you will find joy in it. You will be given knowledge and understanding concerning your family and your ancestors and be able to work in the family records. You will be blessed with an ability to write and prepare this history. Find joy in it and prepare I so your children can also enjoy it.

Cindy, I seal upon you this blessing to come forth in the Morning of the First Resurrection and receive the great blessings that are in store for you in your eternal family through your faithfulness and endurance to the end. This blessing I seal upon you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


At 2:50 PM, Blogger Vajra said...

"Choice companion" sounds like a cut of beef. I'm often amused by Mormon speak; they think ornate or awkward usage makes a statement sacred. For example, the BOM is written in a simulated Jacobean English, not the idiomatic language of Jos. Smith's 19th c. America, because he and his audience would think it more reverent.


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