Thursday, February 23

Props to my homies

I've gotten some nods from some seriously popular Catholic blogs, right in the heat of the Catholic Blog Awards. So here's some big Thank You's to these nominees and winners for plugging my blog during all the commotion:

Amy Welborn - "Open Book"
who mentioned my blog ONCE and my hits went from 10-20 a day to over 200 in one day

Julie - "Happy Catholic"
WINNER - Best Blog by a Woman
Props to my homey from Dallas! Dallas in the house RepraZENT! (Hey, Julie, go get some Birki's, you know you want them ....)

Father Dowd - "Waiting for Joyful Hope"
who posted a huge blog post responding to my questions in this post

Gerald Augustinus - "The Cafeteria Is Closed"
WINNER - Best New Blog
who likes a Tradition-loving catechumen

Mark Mossa, S.J. - "You Duped Me Lord"
WINNER - Best Blog by a Seminarian
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

p.s. Special thanks to:
Seekeroftheway - "Thoughts and Ruminations of a Man on a Quest"
A seminarian who has mentioned me multiple times on his blog.

My wish lists of sites from which I would love a plug:
  • Jimmy Akin
  • Curt Jester
  • Shrine of the Holy Whacking
  • Pontifications
  • Moniales, OP (Those nuns are so CUTE!)


At 7:58 PM, Blogger Julie D. said...

I cannot tell a lie. You have gotten me to the point of planning a trip to Heart and Soles ... it's on your head now! :-D


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