Thursday, April 27

Why I posted the words to a part of the Temple ceremony

When I realized I was going to do some posting on topics that I knew might or would offend Mormons, I put quite a bit of thought into it. Would it offend so much that any Mormon readers might run off and any chance I had to minister to them would be lost? Would it bore Catholic readers?

I decided specifically to post the information about the Temple ceremony in a recent post because so much of what goes on in the Temple is shrouded in mystery. As a Mormon preparing to go into the Temple, I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. People who have Mormon relatives and are invited to "wait outside" as their Mormon relatives go in and have a Temple Marriage without them having no understanding of what is happening within the Temple walls.

So I decided that offending Mormons who might read this blog was worth the risk, so that I could at least inform the non-Mormons who read this blog of some of the truth of what is taught in the Mormon temple right now, and to show the teachings that I was exposed to in my lifetime.

Yes, I did make a vow to keep these things sacred, but I also made a vow to consecrate all I had to the Mormon church, to wear Garments until I die, and to obey my husband as long as he obeyed God. I no longer respect the secrecy of the Mormon temple because I've been there, I know the history, and honestly, I know how silly the whole thing is.

I don't think the secrecy thing is inherantly dangerous, I just think it's pointless. I was told after I went through the temple that half of the people get blown away with the depth and mystery of what just happened, and the other half goes, "Is that it?" I was one of the latter people.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger lma said...

Well, you know, they only reason they try to keep it secret, really, is that they know people would never go to the temple if they knew ahead of time what would go on, what they would be asked to promise.

Personally, I think it is highly unethical for anyone to expect someone to promise the things I understand that they are asked to promise in the temple without giving them time to study these things and to think seriously about them. But, no. They won't discuss anything about what goes on in the temple and then they expect, as I understand it, people to agree to these things and make these promises on the spot, immediately upon being presented with them. As far as I can see, that's coercion, and makes the contract, which is what a promise is, null and void.

I guess I should say, as a matter of full disclosure, that I never went to the temple except for once to do baptisms for the dead when I was still in high school. That creeped me out enough that I never had any desire to go near the temple again.


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Larry said...

Don’t worry, the “secrets” of the Mormon temple have long been available on the internet including pictures of clothing. It was all copied from the Masons by Joseph Smith who added his own to the ceremonies. It is widely accepted that Joseph Smith was killed by Masons for revealing the “secrets”.


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