Monday, April 24


Today on my blog template, you will find the addition of a little green button with "CCDB" on it. This is a link to the Catholic Catechism Dialogue Blog. It's a blog whose tagline reads "A group blog for devotional & practical dialogue while READING THE COMPLETE CCC IN ONE YEAR". They give a list of readings each week for readers of the blog so that they can follow along, and then each day the mutiple contributors post about their reflections on the readings of the day.

So far it has been very interesting and enlightening. I'm looking forward to when they get a little bit father in the book and really start getting into some "meaty" issues. I would highly suggest blogrolling this blog or putting it into your RSS feed.


At 1:47 PM, Blogger glorybe said...

Thanks so much, Cynthia. That is such a good idea.


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