Wednesday, June 14


I thought I'd blog this idea with pictures, so I could have the whole thought process documented. My husband and I recently had a flurry of decorating activity in our home, or an Xtreme Loft Makeover if you will. Here's some pictures of the result of most of that flurry (I'll try to take a more recent pic or two tonight and repost):


A couple of weekends ago we got a cool new furry white couch. By the way, we learned REALLY quick that club soda gets out the most stubborn hairball stains on a white faux fur Klippan sofa and ottoman.

We also got a shelf to display our cool Franciscan Starburst dishes. My mother gave us a bunch of dishes like this when we got married. They were her wedding dishes when she got married, and they're a very hot collectable right now. They look like this:

We were eating French Toast this Sunday on our recently rediscovered dishes, when I got to looking at my dishes and realized that the colors in my dishes were really nice looking! I started to brew the idea of possibly painting the walls in my house these two colors - aqua blue and chartreuse. For a while I've been planning on painting the walls chocolate brown and ice blue (like the colors in this pillow), but now I'm thinking I may go with these colors instead. For me, the important thing is that my walls are some shade of blue. Blue soothes me, and makes me happy.

Since all of our furniture is white and even our bedsheets and duvet is all white, we can go with any color we want on the walls and it's going to work. On one of my favorite home decorating blogs, Apartment Therapy NYC, they featured a color on their blog this week called Sweet Pear. Here's a pic:

And the aqua blue color that is in the plates is all over design catalogs this season. Here's a pic from the West Elm catalog:

If we went with blue along the outside curving wall which goes from the living room all the way into the bedroom, we could easily have the bedroom be blue with chocolate brown, and then have the living/kitchen area (in the above pic) be blue and chartreuse. We'd still have the inside wall be white, but we could make it a slightly creamier white like on the dishes. We'd still have to figure out the bathroom, but I think we could easily paint the walls a lighter shade of aqua that would be darn close to ice blue, accent it with a new white shower curtain and white monogrammed towels, and put a black and white pic of downtown Dallas in a black frame on the wall to make it look super sweet in there.

So ... what do you think? Too trendy? Very bold? Super swank? (We're kind of going for swank-retro.)


At 4:18 PM, Blogger monogodo said...

If I remember our new art correctly, it should go fine against a chartreuse wall.

If it doesn't, I'm sure we could figure out some way of creating a black frame around it to offset it from the wall.

At 11:43 PM, Blogger glorybe said...

I think you have very good taste, Cynthia.
I am a bit handicapped in the creativity department. You seem to have a good eye for color.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Laura H. said...

Can I move in?

At 4:40 AM, Blogger Darque said...

I like it!The Sweet Pear colour is stunning.

I want a loft!


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun to have a peek inside your loft. Very interesting colors you're looking at. Looked up your dishes on eBay--lots of cute accessory pieces--of course you may have them already.
Linda S.


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