Sunday, June 11

Why I Love Mark Cuban Reason #245

From Mark Cuban's Blog, "Blog Maverick"

Finally Game Day…

Tom Petty was right. I hate the wait.

Just got to the arena.

Made sure i first got my protein. Stopped at 7-11 for my gourmet Tuna Fish Sandwich. Dentyne Ice to make sure no one else realizes I had a tuna fish sandwich and a Monster Lo Carb Drink. (Got to alternate between my faves…Kronik and Monster low carb)

Had to talk on the phone to the daughter of one of the clerks while the line backed up. The people behind me in line went from “Go Mavs” to “would you shut up already and let us buy our Big Gulps”. Hey, I can handle the pressure.

As of right now, the lead has been cut to 18 points, but they have taken Dirk out of the game. Go Mavs!


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