Tuesday, December 6


So I was listening to my Chant CD, as I love Gregorian chant. For some reason I was inspired to look up the title of the first song, and I found a translation of the song and the Latin lyrics. Who knew - it's a Christmas song!

There's a Gregorian Chant choir at the cathedral where I'm taking my RCIA classes. Once I get baptized, I think I'm going to get involved in the choir. I love singing, and I love Gregorian chant, I can't imagine a better way to celebrate Sundays.

Of course, right now I'm on a Latin kick. I'd love to learn the Rosary in Latin. I found a web site with audio versions of all of the Latin rosary prayers, and I've been listening to it this morning as well. I need to cut and paste the prayers so that it basically has the full rosary in Latin instead of only the individual prayers. That would be SOOOO awesome!

I've really been enjoying the Latin Mass on Saturdays at St. Jude's. My friend L is going to type up all the different prayers that are said during the mass so I can keep up. I am usually OK until the Eucharist part, then I get totally lost. Then again, I'm kind of that way in the regular Mass as well.


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