Tuesday, January 3

Happy New Year!

My friend L got me a Magnificat for January, and I'm totally grooving on it. I am still learning how to pray, and the prayers listed in the Magnificat are very good. I went to Sacred Heart bookstore in Dallas over my break and got a nice leather cover for it, so that I can carry it in my purse. I'm definitely going to get a subscription for the Magnificat magazine very soon.

I had such a nice break from work this past week. I went to daily mass every day but today, because today I was feeling quite under the weather. I will miss being able to go to Mass every day, but since I have the Magnificat, I can at least read the scriptures from the Liturgy of the Word each day.

My husband and I have been so amazingly blessed this Christmas. Normally we're seriously broke, and something horrible has happened, like a death in the family or loss of job or all kinds of bad things. But this Christmas, we got LOTS of money from relatives, enough to take care of some pretty serious stuff (we needed tires and shoes very badly). We got a discount off of next month's rent, and I was able to be generous with my chapel so that we would meet our CCA goals so that our priest would not get transferred. Plus I've also had the resources to buy lots of books on Catholicism which have been very informative. Oh, and I was able to get a nice Gregorian Chant CD set. In our whole marriage, we've never been so blessed around the holidays.

RCIA starts up at the Cathedral this week. Joy! It's been forever it feels since I had a class. Of course, I've been devouring books this break, learning about all kinds of different things. I've also been praying the Rosary almost every night before I go to bed, and I can tell it is helping me with my other prayers as well.


At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Linda said...

God is SO GOOD!!


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