Monday, December 26

Christ Mass

Of the masses that were offered at St. Jude's, I went to 3 out of 4 of them. My husband and I (!) went to Vigil Mass at 6p, then I went to Midnight Mass at 10p. This afternoon I went to the 12:10p mass.

Each mass was quite interesting in its own way. The 6p mass was a bit harrowing. Fr. C looked like he was going to pass out. And when he held up the Blood of Christ, he was shaking so hard that he spilled a little. I thought maybe he was having a heart attack or something. But apparently he had strained his arm really bad the night before and was in some pain.

The midnight mass, he had lots of help from the Dominican Priory at the U of D (that I didn't even know was there!), and after the mass I got to chat with a couple of the novices that were there to help. So that was quite entertaining.

The 12:10p mass was very sparcely attended. But I was happy that it was there. A priest from the priory did the mass, and that was nice.

My Christmas was very nice. My husband got me a 2006 Liturgical calendar, and he also got me a cute little prayer book. So that's handy. I got him a video game and a microphone and some sudoku books. He seemed very happy.

Ok, I'm off to sleep. Merry Christmas all!


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Tex said...

I love that place. We were there at the 12:10 mass sunday. I was glad to hear that some of the CCD issues have been least temporarily.


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