Tuesday, December 6


(I know, three posts in one day! I just like to keep specific topics separate. That's just the kind of blogger I am.)

I was finally able to find my Book of Rememberance last night. Or, more specifically, my husband found it for me. Mormons are encouraged to keep Book of Rememberances, basically a journal for special achievments, like baptismal certificates and other big accomplishments. Mormons are also encouraged to keep their geneology records in one.

Mine contains both my baptismal certificate as well as my wedding license. I need my baptismal certificate so that I can bring a copy of it to my RCIA teachers, so they can know that I was truly baptized LDS, and I need to be rebaptized. I need to have a copy of my wedding license so that I can prove that I'm legally married so that my wedding can be convalidated (blessed) through the church.

So it looks like I have all the paperwork I need. I knew that being Mormon would come in handy at some point - I have mad recordkeeping skillz, yo.


At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am in the same situation and need a copy of my baptismal certifcate being Mormon you would think I have it in all one place, NOT THE CASE. So my question is where can I obtain another certificate?


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