Sunday, February 5

Convalidation Prep Class

Dan and I spent the entire day at Convalidation Prep class yesterday. I was extremely leery about going, but you know, it wasn't half bad. Even the breakfast and lunch was rather tasty.

We got there early, and ended up getting our picks of seats and we were the first in line for breakfast, fresh cinnamon rolls (mmmm .... cinnamon rolls). The class started with a few icebreakers, and we got to meet the people around us. Then we went to the meatiest presentation of the day - Contract verses Covenant: The difference between civil and church marriage. It was very interesting to hear about the differences and what a beautiful sacrament that the marriage ceremony truly is.

We did a Personality Plus personality test, and found out that I am what they call a "Perfect Melelcholy" while Dan is a "Peaceful Phlegmatic". Basically, that means that I'm orderly and analytical, while Dan is kicked back and peaceful. Apparently we are compatable. But it was very interesting to listen to the different types of features of the different personalities, and it did give me some insight on how to deal with people.

We also said a prayer together, and we did this timeline of our life, past present and what we hoped would be the future. After we did it, we realized we did it backwards, but I think it ended up being a good thing. We were supposed to work on the past together, and then each predict the future separately to figure out what our hopes and dreams were for our life. Well, we ended up doing our pasts separately, but couldn't do the future without working together. That's kind of how we are.

At the end, we were to write down the thing we are most grateful to God for in our mate, and what our prayer was for our relationship in the future. Dan got very teary eyed at this part, and I got a little choked up as well. It was very sweet and touching.

So it wasn't quite as "spiritual" as either of us expected, but they had a lot of marriage workshop-type things, and I think it went well.


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