Thursday, February 2

Convalidation Saga Part V

Ok, so I finally got all my ducks in a row for the convalidation ceremony on Sunday ... we got Dan's baptism certificate, we got his Free To Marry letter arranged with his grandmother, we went through the rehearsal for the Convalidation last night as well as our pre-Convalidation interview. Today my best friend Michael and I went up to Holy Family and got my Free To Marry letter signed by both him and the priest. So my Free To Marry letter is completely ready to go.

Then we got this e-mail today after I had left to get my friend's signature for the Free To Marry Letter. I read it when I got home tonight:

Hello Everyone,

I regret very much to tell you that I learned today that the Bishop is unable to be in Dallas this weekend therefore we must reschedule the convalidation celebration. I am waiting to hear from the Bishop's secretary regarding the nearest date for him and was hoping to inform you of the new date in this message however I have not heard from her as of this writing. I also considered asking another priest to preside however we as a staff decided that would not be a good decision. I also regret informing you this way however I wanted to get the news to you just as quickly as possible.

I am hopeful you will understand these circumstances are beyond our control. I always try and focus on the big picture and know that somehow God is in charge. Please pass on my regret to your friends and families.

On a positive note, at least the rehearsal is finished and you are free for Super Bowl!

Please know how sorry I am about this situation. J and I will see you on Saturday [for Convalidation retreat].



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