Tuesday, January 31

Daily Mass Possibilites

I am still looking for a place to go to daily mass. I don't have many options near where I live, because I live in downtown Dallas. There are two different daily masses in English within walking distance of my house, but they are both at Noon. Since I work in Grand Prairie (30 minutes away), I can't go to either of those. There is a mass at 7:30p at St. Peter's, which is a small Polish parish in Uptown. So the mass may be in Polish, or it may be in English. There is a 7p mass at the Cathedral each night, but it's in Spanish.

Going to mass near work only has a few options as well. There's a convent right on the way to work in Grand Prairie, but their masses are at 7a each day. That would mean I would have to leave for there by 6:20a each morning. I have a seriously hard time getting up before 7:15a, so this would be a pretty serious struggle for me. I went to a parish in Irving last Friday, and they have Communion Service M-W-F and Mass on T-TH at 5:30p, with Eucharistic Adoration from 6-7p on Thursdays. I think I could fit that into my schedule. However, the Communion Service is like Mass Lite - no priest, no homily, lots of the prayers removed, no Liturgy of the Eucharist and distribution of the hosts by a lay person. This just doesn't seem ... Kosher, as it were. The only truly positive point about the communion service is that they say a Rosary and a Divine Mercy chaplet after the mass is over, so the benefits of saying those every day would be good. Of course, that would also mean getting home even later than I already do.

Other than those two options, there's nowhere near where I work to go to Mass. If I want to get totally Opus Dei, I could to to the Latin Mass at 6a every morning at St. Thomas Aquinus, but again, remember what I said about not being able to get up early.

I already go to Saturday mass at St. Jude's, so I am going to Mass at least two times a week, and more often than not I go to both St. Jude's and the Cathedral on Sundays.

At any rate, I'll figure it out and post to all of you. I might go to the mass tonight in Irving.


At 10:02 PM, Blogger C S said...

Did you try http://www.masstimes.org
There may be other Churches you're not aware of.

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Cynthia said...

I need to scour that page a bit more. Most of my inforamtion has been from the Diocese of Dallas web site, which has all churches in Dallas, Grand Prairie and Irving. But it's not nearly as user friendly as Masstimes.org.

You know, I'm going to put a link to that site on my blog. :)


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