Monday, January 23

The Divine Mercy Chaplet

I went to lunch with three sweet ladies after Latin Mass on Saturday. My friend L, and J and her friend S all went.

At 3p, J said, "It's 3 o'clock, we should pray." I reverently bowed my head but had no idea what we were supposed to be praying for. J looked at me and said, "Do you know what we were praying for?" and I answered "No, I do not."

She told me about the Divine Mercy, and St. Faustina and the the Divine Hour. The Divine Mercy website has tons of information on what exactly the Divine Mercy is, the history of St. Faustina, and how to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet.

I took the time at 3p to pray the chaplet. I'm definitely going to do more resarch on this.


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