Monday, January 30

Convalidation Saga - Part II

(Here's a letter that I sent to my RCIA teacher today)

I spoke with DD from the Diocese's Marriage Ministries office this morning to verify that Dan and I were enrolled in the Convalidation Prep class this Saturday, February 4th, and we are. DD mentioned that there was going to be a group Convalidation ceremony this Sunday at 5p and suggested that we would be good candidates for this. She said she'd be willing to help this week with the paperwork so we could participate. I'm willing and Dan's willing - does this sound like something you feel would be in our best interest?

I know the original plan was to see if Fr. C [from St. Jude's] could possibly do the convalidations, but he's going into surgery on February 7th to repair a herniated disk in his neck, and there's no telling how long his recovery might be. Plus DD said that she wasn't sure if that was something that they could do in the Chapel because they are not a parish. So this sounds like a very nice alternative to the original plan. DD also said that Bishop G would be there and everything, plus they'll even have a little reception afterwards (Free cookies!). Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Has Deacon L gotten Dan's baptismal certificate mailed to him from Blessed Sacrament in Madison yet? If not, DD said she'd give them a call and see if she could get a copy faxed to her this week so that she can do the paperwork.

The only other issue about doing the Convalidation this week is that there is a rehearsal at 7:30p Wednesday, which is during our RCIA class. Would it be OK if I only went to part of the class this week?

Anyway, how does this all sound to you?


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