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Interesting article about Divine Mercy display in Texas

Caption: Bob Wilusz says he wants to make the display available throughout the world, starting in his own front yard.

Debate surrounds display of Jesus
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12:20 PM CST on Tuesday, February 21, 2006

By Shern-Min Chow / 11 News [KHOU, Houston]

A display in a League City front yard is causing a stir in a Meadow Shores subdivision.

A little hammering, a big easel and a bright light and a 5-foot-tall image of the Divine Mercy of Jesus are at the center of the debate.

“That’s my mission is to make this available for people to revere throughout the world,” said homeowner Bob Wilusz.

For Wilusz, that meant starting in his front yard.

The image has been on display for about a year on the weekends and to the consternation of the Meadow Bend Homeowners Association.

A series of letters points out that Wilusz’ yard art violates deed restrictions, which limits displays to just 15 inches.

Wilusz admitted that technically, he’s wrong.

“Certainly, certainly it is,” he said. “You could classify it as civil disobedience.”

The retired chemical engineer said his neighborhood is full of violators.

“There are other displays that are in violation at Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas time,” he said. “The omeowners association even goes so far as to give a cash prize to the most gaudy display.”

Unmoved, the association is threatening an injunction and a stiff fine if the display does not come down. But not everyone agrees with their ruling.

“All we have left is our faith, and they want to take that away,” one resident said.

Some residents support the display.

“I have my convictions and my beliefs, and I don’t really have a problem with them, I guess, displaying theirs,” said Debbie McCormack.

And they understand the critics’ position.
“I have, you know, heard people say, ‘well you know, they’re not of that faith and they shouldn’t be subjected to somebody else’s faith by having Christ portrayed in a yard,” Frank Roubleaux said. “But it’s not a public place – it’s his own personal property.”

Members of the homeowners association board referred 11 News to their attorney for formal comment.

Wilusz is also seeking legal counsel from an attorney afflilated with the American Catholic Lawyers.


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