Tuesday, March 7

Please forgive my lack of posting

I've been rather unmotivated since the CAFFEINE DEMONS decided to TAKE OVER MY KRUNKING SKULL!!!! I'm serious - this headache is horrid. I find it worse after I eat fast food, too.

Anyway, I just became a proud member of the B Team!

I'm not sure exactly what it means, except I got a neat button for my blog. Or more like panel - this thing is HUGE! I'm sure someday all the hip and happening "underground" "cutting edge" Catholic blogs will display the logo and it will become so world renowned that they can simply put a blue B logo up and people will know what it is. Until then, I shall have an obnoxious blue logo on my blog and I will proudly display it.


At 5:10 PM, Blogger Father Tom said...

Regarding the headache, part of the problem is the your body, which is used to flushing the poison called caffeine out of your system, is now redirecting its cleansing efforts to other things. It's like turning a big boat, it turns slowly.

Usually part of the solution to headache problems like this (also experienced by people who fast, BTW) is to drink LOTS of water. Yeah, you'll go to the bathroom a lot, but it helps flush out the poisons.

On the spiritual side, may I suggest offering the suffering you are feeling up to God? Jesus' suffered for us, and in doing that he redeemed suffering itself, to be a tool of glory.

God bless!


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