Saturday, April 15


I just got back from going to the rehearsal for the vigil at the Cathedral. It was kind of confusing, and I worry that all the people are going to get confused en masse and it's going to be a big mess. We got our purple robes, so I can get it nice and ironed before I go up there.

My best friend Michael is supposed to be coming to the Vigil, so we'll see. If he does, he and Dan can sit together. If Michael doesn't come, I've made arrangements for Dan to sit with me.

My sponsor didn't show this morning, but I called her as soon as I got home, and she said she didn't realize there was a rehearsal, but she'll be there at 7p.

I was able to find a nice white blouse and white skirt. It was one of those wrinkled-styled skirts, but Dan spent an hour last night ironing it. I don't know what I did in the past to find a husband who not only isn't into sports, but also enjoys ironing. He's a catch, that's for sure.

We still need to get some Crocks for me, so I'm going to make a few calls and find out where they sell white Crocs and get some this morning.


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At 12:01 AM, Anonymous John said...

It's almost midnight, so I'll assume you've been marked. You've also received the Lord substancially for the first time! Blessings of the Holy Spirit to you and your fellow candidates and catechumens! Alleluia!

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Laura H. said...

Welcome home... officially!


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