Wednesday, March 8

E-mail from my best friend Michael

Guess what!!!! My little brother, Jason, told me something yesterday. He's the only brother who went on a mission, moved to Utah to find his 'soul mate' and practically has the Book of Mormon memorized, along with having pictures taken from the Ensign hanging on his walls. Well, he told me he quit church and has started drinking with a couple of his friends who are also ex-Mormons. I couldn't preach to him about it, cause who am I to talk?


At 12:55 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

Let's all pray for Jason to find the Truth and follow Him.

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous John said...

Cynthia - I agree. Don't preach. Just point him to your blog (if he hasn't read it yet). It might just scare him back to Priesthood Quarum. :) Your blog is awesome. And it shows that there's something more substanitive than hedonism for ex-Mormons. It is an important witness. And since it is from you, Jason is bound to have at least some interest in it.

I worry about any Mormon who leaves their church. Since Mormon worship consists primarily of proclaiming itself to be true, true religion can't be imagined outside the church, even when it turns out that the church isn't true. And who would want to go through that again - finding some other group and spending precious hours and years proclaiming the truth of something else that turns out to be a scam?

My dear wife has been there and done that. And it's not a good place to be. Needless to say, Jason will have some rosaries sent his way.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger Joel said...

It seems to me to be a bad idea to rejoice when somebody begins violating the tenets of their faith, even if it's a heretical one. If he's going to make the leap from Temple Square to St. Peter's, it should be for a better reason than just being tired of following the rules.


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